Video laryngoscope medical laryngoscope for intubation



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Slim Blade: To consider the safe of patient, using super slim blade profile improves access in the smaller mouth and reduces dental damage

Portable/USB RECHARGEABLE: supporting compatible, cable-free device. Avoiding the awkward hassle of cord-around traditional video laryngoscopes.

Camera/Memory: Inline camera provides video imaging while keeping direct laryngoscopy techniques. It has 8GB of memory included, which it will allow you to record the procedure that it is being done and take pictures which can be stored within each patient’s chart for future reference.

Connectivity: USB Cable, it would allow you to connect to a biggermonitor or screen.
Video angle: It has a display monitor which it can rotate in a 120-degree angle which is a very convenient feature due to the fact that you can view the procedure from multple

Applicable Operation:
It can be used while performing anesthesia on a patient. It can also be used while examining vocal cords or larynx. It is also used to remove foreign objects from patients throat or to collect tissue samples (biopsy)